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7ZipAll of us have been stuck in a situation where we need to compress a file to share it to someone else. And trust me, that phase is annoying. Be it a zip file or a RAR one, compressing the file becomes important. And in such situations, we prefer buying a zip file unzipper which becomes heavy on our pockets. And sometimes when such paid tools do not work properly, we end up wasting the money. But I have a better solution for it. If you get stuck in such similar situation, before you buy anything, you can try 7zip. It is an unzipper which would not require a single penny to buy. It is all free of cost and very easy to use. Also, it is a very compact software which means that you can download the app in your PC even if the space is not much. It also supports all file format which makes the work easy for you. And also, if you couldn’t et it uncompressed, you can recover the file using the recover option. It is one of the best unzipper you can ever have for free. It has so many good features which makes it worthful to download.

ChangeLogs of 7Zip v4.25 Beta

  • Bugs fixed
  • It does not interrupt the compression anymore when it fails to find the specific file ad in version 4.24 beta. However, it will always show the warnings for your betterment.
  • 7 Zip supports the standard selection mode in the list of file.

How to Download 7-Zip v4.25 Beta?

  • Click on the given link right below the article.
  • Accept the terms and conditions to proceed the installation.
  • Click on install and you’re done downloading the app.

Download 7Zip

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