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7ZipWouldn’t you like extracting all your zip files in one go? 7Zip is the app that let’s you extract all files automatically in one go. You wouldn’t have to wait long to get your files extract on other’s computers. 7Zip extracts the files in seconds and it doesn’t let you down in terms of support to format. It has covered almost all the formats that ypu at not get in your old zipping software. This app is available for free and safe to use. It is one of the best app in its class.

Features of 7Zip 4.36 Beta

The features of 7Zip 4.36  Beta are-

  • You can get 7Zip for free in your devices. You won’t have to spend on subscriptions etc.
  • This app has the capability of extraction of all kinds of formats. This makes it more useful as this much format support we may not get in any other Zip software.
  • It can extract the corrupted files too and let’s you access the documents of such files.
  • It will automatically unzip all your files after downloading them. This would save a lot of time.
  • You will be able to get a faster extraction of zipped files than winrar, as it gives a 2.5% higher speed than winrar.

How to download 7Zip 4.36 Beta?

You can download the app easily by hitting the download button. You will get the button below this article. Install the file after downloading and you will be able to use app.

Download 7Zip

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