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7ZipIs your device running out of memory storage? 7 Zip answers all the questions regarding storage issues. This application was a file archiver which helps in storing files of different formats by compressing them. This app compresses files as ARCHIVES in-order-to save storage of the device. In the year 1999, Igor Pavlov developed this application and introduced in the market. This mainly works through the command line interface called “pzip”. It even uses 7Z archive format for reading and writing all files. It got awards like “Best project” and award for “Technical Design”.

Features of 7Zip v4.49 Beta

  • 7Zip creates self-extracting single volume archives or compressed files on its own without the other parameter’s involvement.
  • This application gives instant and accurate results as it was built with multiple core threadings.
  • User finds this application more easier to navigate and operate as it is like the basic orthodox file manager.
  • Removable media has the option of backing up in this app and is more effective for drive storage.
  • Windows OS provides its own graphical interface for operation whereas for
    other OS, it uses LINUX, UNIX graphical interface.
  • EXE files can be accessed through this app as archives without launching setup or installer by file decompression.
  • This app has diverse languages viz., 87 languages feature for user easiness
    and accessibility.
  • Self-extracting ability of the app is conveyed through the 7z format which
    was the inbuilt feature of this app.
  • SFX modules and installer in this app now protects DLL preloading attack.

How to download 7Zip v4.49 Beta?

Find a single solution to all your storage problems with just a click on the link given the article. It provides you to download and install 7zip into your device.

Download 7Zip

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