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7Zip7zip is an open source software regulated under GNU, and general license The software is used to compress data files to reduce the space they occupy. The compression works, by placing require files into segments called archives. This allows the user to compress more information into smaller spaces, which is very helpful for sending and receiving data via the internet. The application has its own file format, that is capable and at par with all other compression formats, but the application also can be used to decode and decompress archives made using other file formats and software.
The following are a few features of the application.

Features of 7Zip v4.53 Beta

● The software uses its independent file format, .7z, that optimizes the experience for the user. But this does not stop the application from decoding other file formats from other compression software.
● The software compresses files with a 256 bit encoded cipher, which is then secured by a password, that the user can easily use to protect their data, and give access only to required personnel.
● The software is versatile and apart from its compression, it can also be used As an Orthodox file manager, to manage folders, files and other data through a users computer.
● The software has increase usability as it also helps a users sort and organizes file. The software is advanced enough to rename the corrupted file, and formatting them as required to be used.

How to download 7Zip v4.53 Beta

The software 7Zip popularly and with preference is used on Windows platform supporting devices, across the globe. Download it here.

Download 7Zip

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