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7ZipWant to compress files in your system or phone? Use 7Zip in your device and compress it easily. Why to depend on the compressing software which cannot support all your file formats. 7Zip is a software that has never let down its fans, because of the good service it has maintained the top position of the most popular and reliable compressing software. This software is fortunately available for free and the best thing is that we can use it in mobile and PC both, as it is available for all the platforms. The app lets you compress and extract the files in few seconds only.

Features of 7Zip v4.62?

7Zip has the following features-

  • It supports all the formats for zipping and unzipping. Hence, you would be able to compress or extract any format you want.
  • This app is available for free of cost. You would not have to pay for any of its services.
  • It automatically extracts the downloaded files in your system.
  • It is faster than the other compressing software.
  • It supports all platforms, which allows you to download it on any device.
  • creating the compressed folders is also possible with this app.
  • It supportsĀ multiple languages for localization.

How to download 7Zip v4.62?

You can also compress the files easily using the 7Zip app in your device. To download please click on the button and install the app.

Download 7Zip

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