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7ZipWant to have a good compressing software? Our recommendations would be 7Zip. This software has always been the first choice of many and is really one of the best software for file compression. It has made it easy for us to send or save large files by compressing them in few seconds. This software is best of all because of its speed. It provides you fastest service amongst all software. It would give 2.5% faster compression rate than ant other software available on internet. 7Zip is a free software and would not even charge in future for any of its service.

Features of 7Zip v4.73

7Zip software has the following features –

  • This software is available for all platforms. It supports all and can be easily downloaded in any of your device.
  • It provides 2.5% faster rate of compression which you would merely get in any other software.
  • This app supports all formats of file and can extract them easily.
  • For 7Z formats, it automatically extract the received files in your download folder.
  • It allows you to view the files without extracting them, in its file manager.
  • It has a file manager where you can view, sort or extract files.
  • This software available for free of cost.

How to download 7Zip v4.73?

You can download this app for free of cost. For your ease, we have here provided a download button which will take you to a download page. You would just have to download the app clicking  this given button.

Download 7Zip

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