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7ZipProbably the biggest problem that we encounter while transferring files and/or storing them is their size. Small files don’t actually matter, but when the files are large to the extent of gigabytes or more than that, we would worry about those rarely used files that occupy a large space in the memory. File Compressors come to the rescue in such situations. In this article, we shall look into detail about 7-Zip File compressor, its advantages and how to download it.

7Zip file compressor is a free and open source software that allows you to compress the files that take up a large place in the memory or are too large to mail so that they take lesser space. It converts files into 7-Zip files which will be smaller than the normal files, thus saving space and/or making it very easy to mail them.

Features of 7Zip v4.76

Below are the features of 7Zip File Compressor that makes it unique in the industry.

  • Higher compression ratio in 7Zip format than in other formats.
  • Great support to various file formats for packing and unpacking files. Packing and/or Unpacking files: 7Z, ZIP, WIM, XZ, BZIP2, etc. Unpacking only: Ar, Arj, CAB, CHM, etc.
  • It is a free app.
  • Users can view their files even without extracting them in the file manager.

How to Download 7Zip v4.76?

If you wish to try 7Zip and its features, just go to download button and download the software. Once done, open the app and follow the guidelines of installation to install the app in your device.

Download 7Zip

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