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7ZipIt sometimes becomes troublesome to have a lot of information but lack of space. In such a dilemma we tend to delete information to free up the storage space of the device and hence lose out on a lot of content. 7 zip understands the situation and provides you with its best service by breaking this delusion of unlimited information and the problem of space crunch. 7Zip is an open source software application that helps to compress files and folders so that they use less space and can be transferred from one device to another without any hassles. The software application basically archives the file into a small folder and it tries to create a useful source for transfer and saving purposes.

Features of 7Zip v4.79

The following are features of this application-

1. The entire software application has been written in C++ format.
2. The 7Zip application can be used in different operating systems such as
Microsoft Windows, Mac Os, React Os and Linux.
3. The application caters to a large number of audience because it comes in a number of different languages like French, English, Chinese, Afrikaans, Finnish, Danish, Indian, Nepali, Russian, Serbian etc.
4. The application has multiple core CPU threading which is very useful.
5. The application has graphical user interface. The Windows version comes with its own GUI.
6. The application also has command in line interface which helps the application to work better.

How to download 7Zip v4.79?

To download the application click the link provided below-

Download 7Zip

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