Download 7Zip v4.80

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7Zip7 zip is a free software that has an open source, that helps in compressing various types of files and folders that are meant for sharing or viewing purposes. Many times files cannot be transferred from one device to another due to lack of space. Also, the space in the existing devices having this kind of a problem making a lot of difference in its sharing. The application 7 zip lets one compress files and folders into comparatively smaller spaces due to which it can be easily transferred from one place to another without losing out on the quality or the efficiency of the folder shared.

Features of 7Zip v4.80

The following are the features of the 7Zip application-

1. The application supports a number of formats such as AR, EXT, UEFI, LZMA, IHEX, CPIO, GPT, VDI, WIM, XAR, QCOW2, ZIP, squashFS and many more.
2. The application has a powerful command line version which increases the efficiency of the application.
3. The application also has a very powerful file manager that makes sure
that the information transferred or zipped remains intact.
4. The application understands the diversity of languages and ha localizations in, more than 87 languages.
5. The 7 zip application also provides plugins for FAR manager.
6. The best part about this application is the self-extracting nature and capability of the 7z format.
7. The application has a very high compression ratio and works for the best
of the information provide within the application .

How to download 7Zip v4.80?

The following application can be downloaded with the help of the link provided below-

Download 7Zip

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