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7ZipCompressing large files is essential if you want to send them through email. Also, it saves a lot of space if compress large size files saved in your device. But for this, we need a reliable software which can compress all type of files. 7Zip is the one on which you can rely. This app is available for all types of devices and you can thus download it on any platform you want. 7Zip app compresses all type of files because all formats are supported here. The app is free and no premium charges would be levied as there is no premium version or feature of this app.

Features of 7Zip v4.84

7Zip app has many useful features that we have mentioned in the below given list-

  • The app is compatible with all type of formats which can be zipped or extract.
  • This app is available for download in all platforms. You can download it in Windows, iOS, Android and Mac.
  • The app is much faster than other compression apps. It gives you a 2.5% faster speed.
  • It allows users to view the files without extracting them in the file manager.
  • The app allows automatic extracting of 7z formats that are downloaded in your device.

How to download 7Zip v4.84?

7Zip can be download in your device with few clicks. Click on the provided button and download the file in your device. Open the file in your device once downloaded. Follow the instructions that appear on screen and install the app in your device.

Download 7Zip

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