Download 7Zip v4.85

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7ZipDeveloped by Igor Pavlov, 7 Zip is a free and open-source file archiver. It is used as a utility tool to place files into compressed groups knows as archives. 7 Zip uses it’s own 7z format. However, various other formats are also accessible through it. 7 Zip operates on Windows, Linux, macOs amd ReactOs operating systems.

  • Multilingual – 7Zip is available in 86 languages which makes it unique. A large number of languages including Hindi, English, Spanish, German, Punjabi, etc, provides it a wide reach and popularity.
  • File Manager- It comes with it’s own file manager used to archive file groups and other programs. It comes with various options including create an archive, test an archive, detect an error, etc. This makes the use of 7Zip easy and convenient.
  • Graphical User Interface- The Windows operating system comes with the feature of Graphical User Interface or GUI. It also allows command line interface.
  • EXE files- This feature allows opening of EXE files without the need to launch. It allows decompression of data using Setup or Installer.
  • Formats- A large number of compression and non-compression formats can be accessed using 7 Zip. Zip, Gzip, Bzip2, XZ, and others are some formats supports in 7 Zip.
  • 7Z- By default, 7 Zip creates 7Z format and all the files archived are saved in .7z extension. Though it is capable of reading other format, the file originally can be read in 7z format only.

How to download 7Zip v4.85?

The following link can be used:

Download 7Zip

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