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7ZipFile compressing becomes important for all of us when we want to save or send large sized files. Specially our mail services do not allow us to send large files which are greater than 25 MB. In such case, we need a software which can compress all our files easily and after which we would be able to send such files through your email. The one of the best file compressor is 7Zip. This software will fulfill all our needs in few seconds. It zips the files easily. Also, if we have files to unzip, this software will do that for us. It supports almost all type of formats hence, is able to extract all your files easily irrespective of their formats.

Features of 7Zip v4.87

7Zip software has many features that we look in an ideal file compressing software. Let’s now have a look at its features-

  • The app is free which means we won’t have to empty our pockets to get this app. Even the features are also available for free, it doesn’t have any premium feature.
  • The app is compatible with all type of formats. This makes easy for us to extract files using this app.
  • The app automatically unzips the 7Z formats which are received in our device.

How to download 7Zip v4.87 ?

7Zip app is available for download for all platforms. Thus, you can use the given below link to download the app in your device. Open the file after you download it, and follow the screen instructions you get on screen to install it.

Download 7Zip

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