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7ZipThis software, first released in the year 1999, is a utility application. It is a file archiver, used to group files in compressed versions- archives. It was developed by the famous Igor Pavlov. It is supported by windows and Linux. It is open sourced and is free. The software is licensed by GNU LGPL, or GNU Lesser General Public License, that allows developers to integrate this software into their own, without worrying about the issue of the copyright. The software is available in 86 languages.

Features of 7Zip v4.94

1. The 7Zip software has a wide user base. It was downloaded and used by 410 million users from a single website.
2. It is safe and the data cannot be accessed by a third party.
3. The software is a 100% free and is open sourced.
4. It operates under a self-extracting archive, which means that the program is self-executing that contains files, with a set of instructions that can be executed by the machine itself. 5. the default format of the software is .7z extension.
6. One of the few drawbacks of the software is that once archived, the order of the files cannot be edited by the user.
7. The software enables the user to rename and edit the files as and when required, once archived.
8. The software can compress files of a wide variety of sizes and formats. The archived files can later be transferred onto local drives of the user.
9. It is usable in a dual panel mode.
10. The software operates under a graphical user interface.

How to download 7Zip v4.94?

To download the app click the below given button.

Download 7Zip

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