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7ZipDo not you want other people to look at your important documents? Do not you want privacy with your documents which are important for you? No worries we introduce you to an application which is free to use and a file archiver, a utility used to place group of files into compressed containers known as Archive. You must be wondering about which application we are talking about! So the application is 7Zip which is capable of archiving your important documents. This application uses 7z file format specification which is distributed with the program’s source code in the doc subdirectory. You will be able to use this app in your computer wherever you want, and as we have mentioned this app is free so you do not have to pay to use this app.

Features of 7Zip v6.2

Features of 7Zip are given below:

  • Files can be encrypted and the 7z hierarchy and users are supposed to send a password to see the filenames contained within the archive container.
  • The app uses multiple core CPU threading and has a command line interface.
  • The volume of dynamically variable sizes, provides you with backups on removal media like writable CDs and DVDs.
  • It has usability as basic orthodox file manager if used in dual panel mode.
  • It can also unpack the archive which has corrupted file name and can also rename the file also enable self extracting single volume archives.
  • It has a file manager along with tool bar which has options to create an archive, also is available in many languages.
  • The app has a powerful file manager, powerful command line version.

How to download 7Zip v6.2?

So to download click on the link given below!

Download 7Zip

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