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7Zip7zip is an app which is free and open-source file archiver. It is a utility used to place groups of files in a compressed container known as the archives, which comes with 7z archive format but is capable of reading and writing from several other archive formats. Each archive is capable lf containing multiple directories and files also supports a number of other compression and non-compression archive formats. You can use this app in any computer and you need not to register yourself or pay for 7-zip. So if you are private person and do not want someone to look at your personal files you may opt for 7-zip. Following are the features of this app:

Features of 7Zip v6.5

Let us read the features of 7Zip

  •  The volume of dynamically variable sizes allows use for backups on removable media such as writable CDs and DVDs.
  • Its usability is as basic as orthodox file manager if it is used in dual panel mode.
  • It has multiple core CPU threading and uses command line interface and create self extracting single volume archives.
  • It is capable of unpacking archives with corrupted file names and can rename the files as required.
  • You can encrypt the compressed files and also can compress to normal zip format.
  • The app is integrated with Windows shell and is localized in 87 languages.
  •  It provides Unicode file names for each different files available.
  • Also can support files with size up-to 16000000000 GB. And has high compression ratio.

How to download 7Zip v6.5?

To download this app click on the given link below!

Download 7Zip

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