Download 7Zip v6.9

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7ZipWhen you download files or content off the Internet, it often comes in a compressed package which you can uncompress with certain tools only. 7-zip is an open-source and free software that aids in the compressing and decompressing of files. It was released in 1999 and is a popular compression tools application. It creates 7z-format archives with multiple directories and files and can read and write other formats. It works on all versions of Windows, which make it easier to use, as easy as any software written in C++ can be.

Features of 7Zip v6.9

Some of the features of 7Zip are-

 Compatible on any system
 Opens .exe files as archives
 Restarting or running files with corrupted filenames
 Strong file manager for the system
 Available in over 80 languages
 Ability to self extract any 7z format
 Supports many formats including packed and unpacked
 Support even extremely large file sizes – almost over 10 billion GB
 Has a graphical user interface
 Lightweight and portable
 Mainly, its excellent ability to compress and decompress.

How to download 7Zip v6.9?

1. Go to the main page of 7-Zip and select the version for your system or click on the download link provided below.
2. Click “Save File” or pen the executable file.
3. Select the folder you would like to save your file in and click on Install.
4. After it finishes installment, click on Finish and it is now ready.

Download 7Zip

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