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7Zip7Zip is a open-license and free archive software application that is basically used to gather all the files in a defined memory and compress them into a collection known as ‘archive’. It is a special APK file that has its own format-‘7z’, yet it can recognize other archive formats in the same angle. Originally, the ZIP compression was being used but the 7Zip was introduced incompetence to its file compression capacity being 17% advanced in its form. Thus, 7Zip has evolved as the all-new archive application.

Features of 7Zip v7.1

1. It has a safer file compression and encryption process which possesses  AES 256-bit system which means the transferred information can be sent in a highly secure manner.
2. 7Zip can extract files of different formats including RAR files though it fails in creating these types of memory files.
3. The app can be used for business purposes for compression activities where there are a number of various transaction and corporate files, that need to be kept within a small and safe place as much as possible, for future reference.
4. It is free of any harmful or malicious objects in its composition. So,
there is no question of this application being vulnerable to these threats that may affect the working of any other procedure involved with it.

How to download 7Zip v7.1?

For performing a large amount of file compression in academic and commercial areas, this application needs to be downloaded in the following
steps as given below:
1. Download the app using the below given download button.
2. Install the app in your device.

Download 7Zip

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