Download 7Zip v8.1

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7Zip7Zip is perhaps one of the best File Extraction and Compression tool for the PC. It’s completely free to use, Open-source Application that handles its archiving quality in a much commendable way. Although it looks basic and is not a common household WinZip and WinRAR, but unlike its counterparts which are pretty expensive with license, 7Zip here is completely free and easy to use for all.

Features of 7Zip v8.1

The reason 7Zip cannot open RAR files is because the software is under a UnRAR Restriction by the GNU LGPL which doesn’t allow 7Zip to extract or
open any RAR based files. Other than this, here are the features that this app offers its users-

  • It allows easy and simple file archiving along with giving users the
    accessibility to use password protection on it.
  • It supports a huge variety of archive types like FAT, GPT, ISO, LZH, MBR, MSI, NTFS etc.
  • The software supports all kind of Windows variants ranging from the Basic Windows XP to the latest version of Windows.
  • It offers the highest compression ratio in compression to its counterparts.
  • It also includes its own File Manager which allows users to navigate their file system and Extract files.
  • Its simplicity and easy to use interface lets the software to be used by any new user.

How to Download 7Zip v8.1?

Users can download their copy of 7zip by pressing the download option below this article. If not, then users can search the web and download the software from any particular genuine software downloading website. It is supported in all kinds of Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux so users can get their version for their OS.

Download 7Zip

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