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7ZipIn today’s time, anything that we are doing is converting into data, files. The size these files are increasing at exponential rate and the volume of those files are becoming bigger and bigger day by day. Every new version of anything is always bigger in size, every new technology is covering more place than the former one. But with the increase in the size of files, we need more of space to store those files, and more of the space means we have to spend more money. But there is technology through which we can reduce the size of the files with great extent and it is called the zip technology. There are number of application present in the market based on this idea, but the most trust worthy one is 7Zip

Features of 7Zip v8.5

  • 7Zip is used for converting big files into smaller file format, this process is called as the compressing of files. This application was first introduced in 1999.
  • This is the type of software which is open source. Open source software means its totally free and the developers can contribute to grow this application as better one.
  • When the files get compressed in smaller format the file get save with the extension .7z
  • We can run this software through command line prompt or from graphical user interface.
  • This software is using the optimizing algorithms for the compression of the files, because of those optimizing algorithm this software is one of the best in its kind.

How to download 7Zip v8.5?

Anyone can download this software from the given below download option-

Download 7Zip

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