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7ZipIn today’s time, the size of data is increasing with the rapid speed. There are so many reasons for it since now’s days most of works are happening on the source of computer and its technologies, so everything is getting store in the virtual world and the size of these data are getting bigger day by day. Which actually makes our life really easy these days because it let us to access any type of data without any difficulties in no time. But there is one problem too that is issues of storing those large sets of data. Having high end storage device for normal users is still a problem and many of us can’t really afford those storage devices so to solve this problem there is one technology in the market that is known as the compressing technology in which we generally just compress the big size of data into the format of very less size. There are so many applications present in the market on such technology but only very few are actually providing reliable services to its users and 7Zip is one of them.

Features of 7Zip v10.1

  • 7Zip application was introduced back in 1999 since then it is providing the A+ grade of services to its users.
  • Its is an open source application which means we can download it directly without paying any money. And the developer can also contribute to this application by adding more library into it.
  • To run this application, You have two options either from its graphical user interface or from command prompt line of the system.
  • After compressing any file, it gets an extension of .7z

How to download 7Zip v10.1?

You can download this application from the given below download link-

Download 7Zip

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