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7ZipWe all have heard about the term archive which means a place to store all the important data and documents saved. We all have once in our life archived a chat from WhatsApp.right? In a similar way, you can store all your documents under the same roof. This process of storage of data was made easier by the application call 7-ZIP. It is free software that helps in archiving important files. 7-ZIP comes with a file manager along with the standard archive tool. The file manager will provide you with various options such as to create an archive, to extract an archive, to delete or manage an archive etc.

Features of 7Zip v10.5

Now talking about the features of this application-

  1. It compresses the file to a normal ZIP format
  2. It supports file upto sixteen billion GB
  3. It removes the ZIP file with corrupted file names and that might cause damage to your other files
  4. It encrypts your file. 7ZIP comes with a feature where you can protect your archived files using a password.

How to download 7Zip v10.5?

The installation of the application is very convenient. All you have to do is click on the given below link and download the app. Now if we talk about the process and working of the application, after installation you have the start your application. Go to the tools section on the top left corner. Then select all and further unselect ‘cab’ and ‘iso’. This process will create a compressed file manager and now you can add on your files and documents to the file manager and there you go. Your compressed archived file will be ready.

Download 7Zip

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