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7Zip7ZIP is an open-source, free file archiver with a high compression ratio. It is used to store files in compressed boxes called archives. Although 7ZIP uses its own archive format 7z, it can read other formats as well. The source code of 7ZIP is under GNU LGPL license but the Unrar code has an Unrar restriction which debars the user to reverse engineer the compression algorithm. 7ZIP can be used in any computer including commercial computers without paying a single dime. The core 7z of 7ZIP uses a variety of algorithms and LZMA debuted with 7Z format.

Features of 7Zip v10.7

  • 7ZIP offers a higher compression rate than its peers by almost 40%.
  • 7ZIP has strong AES-256 encryption which includes both password protection of files and encryption of file names.
  • Supports many compression, conversion and packing techniques such as 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP, and WIM.
  • It supports 87 languages which make 7ZIP the world’s favorite compression software.
  • It has an open architecture and the supports files uptown 16000000000 GB. It has a self-extracting ability in case of 7Z format.
  • 7ZIP supports command line interface as well as windows shell interface.
  • It is also a powerful file manager with a Windows shell integration.
  • The user interface is great and the software works like a charm.
  • Allows use for backups in removable media devices such as CD, USB drives.
  • It allows the unpacking files with corrupted filenames and renaming them as well.
  • It opens EXE files as archives and decomposes data inside Setup’ or ;Extract’ type files.

How to download 7Zip v10.7?

7ZIP is free software and can be downloaded from many sources. However, it is recommended to download. Supported in Windows 7 and onwards, LINUX, and iOS.

Download 7Zip

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