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7ZipThe size of data and files are getting big day by day and it does not seem like it is going to stop. The most important reason behind it is that all of the work now is happening on the virtual level more and every little entry are turning into data. And we all know that how important these data can be, datasets are the most important factor for the formation of any business idea. But the problem is that how to store those big chunks of data in efficient way because the data storage devices are still an expansive thing to have for normal users. To solve this problem, we are using one technology and that is compressing and archiving of files. In the market there are very few reliable file compressing applications presents in the market and 7ZIP is one of them. 7ZIP was discovered back in July of 1999, and since then this application is providing the best services to the users and earns reputation
in this field.

Features of 7Zip v11.0

  • 7Zip is an open-source application which means anyone can access or download this application without paying any amount of money.
  • It is providing us two ways to interact with its function one is through command prompt and second is through its graphical user interface.
  • After compressing any file with the help of 7ZIP, it gives extension of .7z to the file.
  • It also supports different type of compressing and non-compressing format.

How to download 7Zip v11.0?

We can download 7ZIP from the given below download link-

Download 7Zip

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