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7ZipStorage Insufficient!!! getting this message always then its now your time to get this 7Zip app which compress the files, photos,videos, documents etc. This app helps you to save your storage my compressing it to as maximum as possible . It compresses all the format not just photos, videos but all the formats of all types of file . The best part is it is totally free and open source, its most code is under the GNU license . It has self extracting features retrieving back is more easily and it has its localization 87 languages of all around the world . It is supported for any of the operating system whether it is any series of Windows and it has a special flavor of 7 zip for linux called p7zip which is very simple to compress.

Features of 7Zip v11.8

The exciting features of 7zip is:

  • It compresses any popular form of files that exist.
  • Maximum compression up to 100% .which saves your memory storage.
  • 7Zip has powerful command line versions available, which makes you interfacing simpler.
  • It has an awesome file manager to mage all your compressed files.
  • Its localization is available in 87 and more languages across the country.
  • Has self extraction capacity , therefore easy getting back of data.
  • It has integration with windows shell.

How to download 7Zip v11.8?

To get this 7zip app in your device you would have to click on the given below download link-

Download 7Zip

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