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7ZipIf you need to send large sized fils to any other person through the mail, you can use the 7Zip app a compress the files into the Zipped folder. The application is available for free of cost and therefore users would not be required to subscribe to this app to use this further. The application is easily accessible from any device as you would be able to download it in any platform you use. The app lets you compress and extract files in jusr few seconds and therefore it is also known to have 2.5% higher compresssion ratio than any other software. The user interface of the app is also simple and easy.

Features of 7Zip v17.8

The 7Zip software has the below mentioned features-

  • The application allows you to compress the large files into zipped formats.
  • You can extract the incoming files of your device using this software.
  • The application allows you to extract any format using it as it supports all formats.
  • The app is Totally free which makes it easier to use and also there is no premium feature available so no subscription.
  • It allows you to view the zipped files in the library without even extracting them.
  • Different languages are supported.

How to download 7Zip v17.8?

To download 7Zip application in your device you would need to click the given below download link. With this link you will get a download page, choose your platform and get the app for your device.

Download 7Zip

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