Download 7Zip v19.1

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7Zip7Zip is a file archiver that can compress and extract files in your device. It converts the files into containers having archive format. It comes for free of cost so you would not need to pay anything to get this app in your device. The user interfcae is simple and easy. It is outsourced with license of formats like ZIP, TAR, RAR and ISO. It can be written in C++.

Features of 7Zip v19.1

  • Compression of a file is dependent on the file manager.
  • Different types of files formats like Pdf, excel, text, word file can be easily compressed in this app.
  • 7Zip software can archive and file and extract already zipped files.
  • This app is updated regularly with bug fixation.
  • Compression takes place in different sizes and ratio.
  • licence is free of cost.
  • Availed in many languages like English, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Turkish, German, Portuguese, French, Japanese, polish.
  • The software is available for different devices as it supports all type of platforms. Therefore, you are able to download it in any device you have.
  • It is directly signed into the app very easily.

How to download 7Zip v19.1?

To download 7Zip application in your device you would need to click on the given below download link. Download the file. Open it in your device. Install the 7Zip software by agreeing terms and c conditions. Now, you are ready to compress files using 7-zip.

Download 7Zip

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