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7ZipCompression of files is not a new thing; this technology has been in the market for a long time and still it is most effective one to reduce the size of big files and store them in the smaller size. There are a number of applications present in the market depends on compression and archive technology but very few of them are actually reliable in nature and 7ZIP is also one of them. 7ZIP is the most famous application which is using for compression around the globe. 7ZIP is an open-source software which means anyone can download it from any part of the world without paying any amount of money to its developers and also developers can contribute into the development of this application by working on its libraries. 7ZIP was launched back in July of 1999 and since then this software is providing best services to its users without any performance issues. 7ZIP was developed by the Igor Pavlov. Let’s talk about the important features of 7ZIP:

Features of 7Zip v20.3

  • 7Zip is providing us two modes through which we can use it. First is through command prompt and the second way is by its graphical user interface. Both of the ways are great depends on the situation.
  • The interface of 7ZIP is very organized and has a great outlook. It also runs very smoothly on the system without any lagging issues.
  • It creates 7ZIP format archives by adding a .7z extension to the file. It does not only support 7ZIP format but also supports many other compressing and archive formats.

How to download 7Zip v20.3?

We can download this application directly from the link

Download 7Zip

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