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7Zip7Zip is an app that will let you zip or extract the files perfectly in your device. This would even help you to send the files through mails easily and size wouldn’t be issue with you now after zipping the files. The application also allows you to store these files easily as the application gives you a small sized output. The users of this application can also extract the files of any format using this app. The application is available for free of cost so you would not need to worry about paying for it.

Features of 7Zip v27.6

The 7Zip comes with loads of features. here are the features of this app-

  • The app is available for free of cost.
  • This app compresses the large files into zipped formats.
  • It also allows you to extract files.
  • The app supports all type of formats.
  • The application is available for all platforms you have. You can thus get in any device and use it easily.
  • The application allows you to view the files of the zipped folder before extracting it.
  • The downloaded files can automatically extracted with this software.

How to download 7Zip v27.6?

The 7Zip software can be downloaded in your device using the given below download link. Once downloaded the app for your device, follow the instructions you will get on opening the app and agree the terms and conditions to install it.

Download 7Zip

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