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7ZipThese days, the size of data is increasing with the exponential rate and the way of storing data is also changing. The storage devices are still very expensive and for normal users it is not possible to have number of storage devices. So how a normal user can store big volume of data in an effective way? There are different conventional methods to store those data, but the most common one is storing data by compressing it into smaller size as compare to the actual size. This method is quite common and very effective, in the market there are number of software which are actually providing this service of compressing but very few them are actually good in it and 7Zip is one of them. 7Zip is one of the best applications presents in the market for the compressing of the files. It was developed by the Igor Pavlov back in 1999 and since then 7Zip is proving its value by providing the best services to
its users.

Features of 7Zip v28.5

  • 7Zip is an open-source software which means anyone can download it from anywhere without paying any money. And also, the developer around the globe can work on its libraries and also create new one.
  • 7Zip uses its own archive format that is 7Z. After compressing any file using 7Zip it gets .7Z as extension. And it can also read and write several other archive formats.
  • We can access 7Zip with the help of command prompt and also it gives us the option of access from its own GUI which is very interactive in nature.
  • It comes up with file manager and also with different archiver tools which becomes very handy in a different situation.

How to download 7Zip v28.5?

To download the app click below-

Download 7Zip

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