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7ZipLooking for an app which can make your work bit easier? If you are, then you don’t need to download any paid app or heavy tool for the same. By just downloading this simple app, you can easily keep the work safe and without messing it all. You can do it very easily in a click. So today, the app is 7Zip and the app will let you manage the so many files in your phone in one zip folder. If you have different documents which is related to one thing but you want to keep it different, then you can use this 7Zip tool and by this, all the files will get in one folder and you can unzip it anytime. It is very beneficial when you have to share it to someone else you don’t need to attach the files separately. You can only attach one folder made by 7Zip and all the files will be attached in it. You can also unzip it and send it via emails to others. Not just safe but it is a good app for all.

Features of 7Zip v30.9

1- 7Zip is free of cost which means that you don’t have to pay anything for the same.

2- You can unzip the folder in one click. It is easy and trusted.

How to download 7Zip v30.9?

Click on the given link, enable the unknown sources, agree to terms and conditions and install the app now.

Download 7Zip

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