Download 7Zip v9.0.4

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7ZipThere are so many files available in your PC which you would like to keep in a zip file. And for this, you need an app because if you are going to do it in your android device, you will need an app. So here, we are going to talk about the app called 7Zip and how this app can be useful to you.

Features of 7Zip v9.0.4

If you don’t know the usage of the app, you will not be able to use the app as much as you can. So here we are sharing the list of features of the app 7Zip so that you will know how can you use the app and what is this app for.

1. 7Zip is used for making the zip file of all the files you have.

2. There is no limit of making a file in this app. You can use the app anytime you want to and make as much files as you want to without any issue.

3. There are so many format files available such as word file, excel file, libre office, PDF and many more. And the best part is this app can make the zip file of all of these apps.

4. The app is totally free of cost and you can use it anytime you want to.

How to download 7Zip v9.0.4?

To download the app, you have to click below and install.

Download 7Zip

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