Download 7Zip v10.1

7ZipIn today’s time, the size of data is increasing with the rapid speed. There are so many reasons for it since now’s days most of works are happening on the source of computer and its technologies, so everything is getting store in the virtual world and the size of these data are getting bigger day by day. Which actually makes our life really easy these days because it let us to access any type of data without any difficulties in no time. But there is one problem too that is issues of storing those large sets of data. Having high end storage device for normal users is still a problem and many of us can’t really afford those storage devices so to solve this problem there is one technology in the market that is known as the compressing technology in which we generally just compress the big size of data into the format of very less size. There are so many applications present in the market on such technology but only very few are actually providing reliable services to its users and 7Zip is one of them.

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Download 7Zip v10.0

7ZipAre you searching for a good file compressing software? Your search ends here. 7Zip is the software you are looking for. The software works for almost all type of devices, i.e. it supports all the platforms and you can easily get this app in your device. The app lets the users to compress ad extract the files in no time. Its just matter of few seconds and your work will get done by the app smoothly. It supports multiple formats so no need to switch to a new software when you get a new format file to extract.

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Download 7Zip v9.9

7Zip7Zip is a file archiver which has high compression ratio. It usually place the files into compressed containers known as archives. This application writes various archive formats. This application uses command line interface and graphical user interface. It uses sources from license like ZIP, TAR, RAR and ISO. It is written in C++.

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Download 7Zip v9.8

7ZipTo avoid inconveniences caused due to zipping and unzipping of files, 7Zip application is a file manager that selects the required file and extracts or compresses the file . Its features includes
various other tools like move, deleted, copy, add , extract, etc. It also allows to compress file on archive formats like ZIP, TAR, RAR and ISO.

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Download 7Zip v9.4

7Zip7Zip is the most eventual tool for the zipping and the unzipping of the files. It has a very simple process; compressing and the decompressing of the file archives. With the hardwares being available at such cheap rates; the usage of the software like 7Zip is indeed questionable. So, why should we still use 7Zip? There are very obvious reasons; one of the prominent reasons is that since it compresses the file, the files can be sent and received faster than the time taken for the process. It also becomes easier to secure the compressed files as they can be encrypted and can be protected easily with a password. It also supports the saving of the space and indirectly promotes space management. It also helps in the backing up of your important data. Continue reading “Download 7Zip v9.4”

Download 7Zip v8.5

7ZipIn today’s time, anything that we are doing is converting into data, files. The size these files are increasing at exponential rate and the volume of those files are becoming bigger and bigger day by day. Every new version of anything is always bigger in size, every new technology is covering more place than the former one. But with the increase in the size of files, we need more of space to store those files, and more of the space means we have to spend more money. But there is technology through which we can reduce the size of the files with great extent and it is called the zip technology. There are number of application present in the market based on this idea, but the most trust worthy one is 7Zip

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Download 7Zip v8.4

7ZipWe all have faced some issues sending large files to someone, as it takes so much time to send. Now, this application helps you deal all problems with large files. With this application you can compress and extract large file easily. It comes with a high compression ratio, and you can compress files in seconds. This application supports almost every format, so you can easily compress any file that you want and extract easily with an extract button given on the screen. This application comes with a user-friendly interface and is free of cost. So anybody can use it easily and send there large files easily in no time. It also comes with an option to keep your files safe by locking them with a password. This application is very useful for both home and office purpose. All in all it is a great tool to compress and extract files in the most easy and simple manner.

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Download 7Zip v8.1

7Zip7Zip is perhaps one of the best File Extraction and Compression tool for the PC. It’s completely free to use, Open-source Application that handles its archiving quality in a much commendable way. Although it looks basic and is not a common household WinZip and WinRAR, but unlike its counterparts which are pretty expensive with license, 7Zip here is completely free and easy to use for all.

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Download 7Zip v8.0

7Zip7Zip is a file archiver application which was developed by Igor Pavlov in the year 1999. The app is a utility tool to compress all the files in a single zip file or to open a zip to extract the data from it. It is a cross platform software and is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. The 7Zip supports packing of various formats of files such as ZIP, Gzip, bzip2,  xz,  tar, and  WIM . The unpacking of various files such as   APM,  ARJ,  CHM,  cpio,  DEB,  FLV etc can be performed by using the application. The app comes with a file manager inbuilt through which many files can be managed. It supports copy, cut and delete of the files from the File manager. The app is provided with high security and the application does not contain any harmful viruses or malware. The size of the 7Zip application is small in size and preserves the storage.

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